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I have 20 year old Wood Mode cabinets.The poor cabinet construction was revealed by the poorer installation and virtually every cabinet in my kitchen has its own problem.

This includes one detached face frame (glue only incapable of holding weight of heavy attached shelves), 2 warped pressed board cabinet bottoms (vent hole opening to the unvented crawl space was not caulked), inadequate support for oven (currently supported by a rope attached to my ceiling joist), MDF cabinet ends blackened and warped (tile floor with grout lines abutting the cabinet creating a water pool when washing the floor).

I contacted the local dealer three weeks about the detached face frame and am still awaiting a response.My kitchen is a mess.

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Most, if not all of the problems described here sound like installation or use issues - not sure how any wood cabinet can stand in water and not be damaged. The warped side panels should have been noticed prior to installation and if they looked good when delivered, sounds like something happened afterwards that caused the cabinet sides to warp. In conditions where puddles of water will likely be present, you should consider purchasing cabinetry made for outdoor use, such as stainless steel clad cabinetry.

Marysville, Pennsylvania, United States #727169

I had a boyfriend,( who knew nothing about installing cabinets),install Wood Mode cabinets 25 years ago.I rent the house out since 1988.

No problems with a very large kitchen full of cabinets.

Wondering how installation could be the problems described.I thought I would install Wood Mode in my house, that I live in.I am very concerned about these comments.


Then WM should not pretend there is a lifetime warranty.

I am an engineer! (so what)

"Building a new kitchen is something most people do only once in a lifetime. Wood-Mode's superior quality cabinets offer the ultimate assurance that once is enough: a Lifetime Limited Warranty. It's our promise of your complete satisfaction, both today and in the years to come. "


Saw your complaint. The EUL (Expected Useful Life) of any manufactured cabinet is 10 years. You have no reason to be PO'd and every reason to remodel being 10 years overdue!

I am an Architect!

to Jeff #809458

You are joking right????10 years for cabinets?

That's it?I guess it's a scam to get people to keep buying new product and fill up landfills.

to Melissa Needham, Massachusetts, United States #1002244

I have friends that have non Wood Mode Cabinets that are 30 years old and look better than mine which are 16 years. Dude if you have the money to remodel every 10 years, all the power to you. Took us years to save up and they are a piece of ***


This is what I expect, especially for $$$ cabinetry.

"Building a new kitchen is something most people do only once in a lifetime.

Wood-Mode's superior quality cabinets offer the ultimate assurance that once is enough: a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

It's our promise of your complete satisfaction, both today and in the years to come."

Allgood, Alabama, United States #267862

Maureen...you're talking TWENTY YEARS! What are you expecting?


Santini - It would be funny if it were not true. A picture is worth a thousand words. WOuld you like to see them.

Allgood, Alabama, United States #267816

Nice one, Maureen. Bogus as it may be, it did bring some humor to this site.

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